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La Maison du massage

Massage room

photo de la pièce de massage
photo de la pièce de massage à Woluwe
photo de mon bouddha

La Maison du massage

The "La Maison du Massage" is opened since 2008 to take care of you.
My Business number is 0629.953.632 and VAT number is BE 629 953 632

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the most Frequently asked questions

For which is the massages

To absolutely everyone! Of course, for obvious reasons, the massage will be adapted in some cases. That is why I ask you some questions about your health before you start.

Why choose a massage here, rather than in a big wellness center?

Here we take the right time, there is no line work. So there is a better quality of service. Your money is not going into a big multinational. No plastic set and smiles overrated. And all for a price well below.

I still hesitate to book a massage ...

Do not force things and let your decision to come quietly. For some the "touch" is a difficult barrier to overcome.

Do you practice sen$ual or ér0tic Massage ?


Thai massage and Shiatsu are practiced on people dressed without oil and contains no type movements sen$ual or other so you can stay deeply relaxed. It's the same for other types of massages. If you are looking for er0ticism, other places will be more suitable.

My Shiatsu Teacher Sensei Yuchi Kawada

photo prise au cours de Shiatsu de Sensei Kawada
photo de Sensei Kawada, maître de Shiatsu

My Teacher in Thaïland Pichest Boonthumme

photo de Pichest, mon maître de massage Thai
Pichest Boonthumne, une référence dans le monde du massage Thaïlandais
photo d'un des meilleurs professeur de Thaïlande